Utah sightings NOT from outer space?

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A Lehi man is claiming responsibility for a flying saucer, his flying saucer of sorts.

“It was just for fun, it wasn’t meant to be a hoax, and it just turned into one,”  says artist Andrew Smith.

Smith claims that the widely speculated Utah County strange lights or rather outer space sightings have been from him. “So you’re claiming responsibility for being the alien from outer space,” ABC4 News asked Smith to which he replied, “yes, unfortunately yes.”

Smith says he experiments with art all the time, from machines, water, to lights and now apparently flares.

The Lehi man won’t say exactly how he gets those strange lights up in the sky but he admits he uses helium and flares along with some other sorts of apparatuses.  “Let’s just say I use helium and it’s not Chinese lanterns up there nor planes with LED lights.”

The artist says he was just experimenting and when he saw the news reports, he decided to do it again.

“It was just a little fun,” he admits and adds the reason why he won’t tell us exactly how he did it is because he likes, “a little skepticism and mystery.”

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It is really fake? or maybe he wants some attention? How could we know… some evidence would be useful.

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