US Submarine Leaked UFO Photos


uss-ufo-photosA series of “leaked” photographs were recently published by a French magazine called “Top Secret” allegedly taken by the American navy submarine USS Trepang SSN 674 in March 1971, during the military and scientific expedition in the region, showing different types of aircraft with similar characteristics to UFO reports.


Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett

The magazine said they received the images from an anonymous source. It is said to have been taken between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean and the Admiral on board was Dean Reynolds Sackett. Originally Officer John Klika was whom accidentally spotted the objects with the periscope.

The images should be analyzed by experts in photography and the alleged witnesses should be placed to verify their authenticity, since being an anonymous source, with our experience in this field it is likely that the photos are faked.



The photos:
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