US Helicopter INTERCEPTS UFOs over Hollywood!


AMAZING sighting occurred on July 8th 2012 at about 10:20 pm over Hollywood, California, USA. Multiple “orbs” UFOs were recorded, some just hovering, others ascending and stopping in mid-air and eventually disappearing. The most outstanding part of this event is that a helicopter approaches the UFO that is higher and after passing by it´s side the helicopter TURNS and begins to circulate around the UFO!! THEN the helicopter slows down and hovers in front of the UFO for some seconds and then it passes by his side very slowly, like checking it! Then moves away but continuously circulating. The UFO “disappears” momentes later. Other crafts are seen in the background, probably airplanes, but they are not in the context of this “interception” event.

We believe there is no doubt about the interest of the US government on checking these unidentified flying objects.

Witnesses report: This view is from Hollywood & Highland in a penthouse. Not many people in the city have this view. Everyone else in the city either didn’t have the height for the view, didn’t have the angle or couldn’t see whatsoever. This is REAL. These were not planes. This occurrence is reminiscent of the Phoenix lights. Make sure to watch the whole thing! If you don’t want to believe in the UFO’s then you can at least appreciate the view.

Part 1:

Part 2:


One of the best UFO sightings of 2012!!