Unidentified Lights Hovering above Miami

ufos-hovering-miamiAbout four bright lights were recorded hovering almost static above some houses in Miami, Florida, USA on January 17th, 2013. Our first impression was that it could be chinese lanterns, but the lack of movement in the lights leads us to the doubt, as the chinese lanterns move with the wind and usually tend to move in any direction constantly.

Witness report: I caught this on January 17, 2013. My names Danny & im a UFO Investigator here in Miami, FL. They were caught in broad daylight by me, i recorded it from My Sony Camcorder to a mini tape so no way in hell could the footage be touched or edit. Over 100 people already saw it threw the mini screen the camcorder has which just doubles the Proof. I investigate these ufo’s everyday here in miami. Happy to say iv been on morning TV talk shows to talk about my sightings. please watch till the end. you will hear me talking as your seeing my footage. IT’S 100% REAL AS IT GETS. Caught in Miami where i Live.