UFOs in Cerro Largo, Uruguay Most Likely Birds


An interesting case took place in Cerro Largo, Uruguay, where two Unidentified Flying Objects were captured in a photo by a group of students a couple of days ago. As we said to one witness who reported the sighting in our OVNIs en Uruguay Facebook page, Bruno Da Rosa Servetto, we believe this is just another case of a blurry bird, that in movement could look like a UFO, specially because of the disk shape with cupola that appears in the photograph, but that´s just the bird with the wings moving up. The witnesses remarks that they didn´t saw the objects at the moment of taking the picture, that´s because nobody pays particular attention to the birds that may pass in the background at the moment of taking a picture of anything close to them. The bird is also closer than they thought, but it´s smaller, this mean that it´s not bigger and farther as the witnesses believed.

You can see recent and older examples of the same mistake in the photo below the video.

Here is the local TV news report:

The point of this post is that claiming that you have seen, recorded or photographed an alien spacecraft is not that easy as just saying it. There are a LOT of conventional objects that may confuse you.