UFO Sighting and Strange Markings in Salta, Argentina



strange-markings-tintinOn Friday, February 16th at 5:15 am, the remis driver Pablo Velis was transiting the first kilometers of “Recta Tin Tin” (in Salta, Argentina) when he saw a red bluish intensive light illuminating the asphalt until he approached and the light traveled at high speed towards the mountains known as “Paleta del pintor salteño”, then it raised up and disappeared.

When he reacted he woke up the passengers and told them what happened. He returned the next day and noticed strange markings on the asphalt in the same place where he had lived the experience. The place where the strange markings are displayed is 7.6 km from the start of the road towards Cachi.

The markings have a depth of 2 cm and are within approximately 10 meters. The road has no damage on this part to associate themselves with layout flaws. There are remains of asphalt scattered in a radius of 20 meters. The area has several stories of alleged sightings of UFOs and/or beings.


Source: www.eltribuno.info