UFO pursued by Police in Mexicali, BC, Mexico


On Monday 23rd at 19:43 hs. in Mexicali, BC, Mexico, a UFO caused a severe mobilization by elements of the Municipal Public Security Forces of Mexicali due to reports of citizens about the presence of a strange device in the air. Even C-4 operators, which handle urban security cameras, saw it through the system and apparently was recorded, also received hundreds of calls to 066 warning of the flying object.

The supervisor of the area east of the DSPM, Martin Ruelas, saw it and said it was a round object of white light, big and also could see blue and yellow lights flashing from it.

The Deputy Medina, in the south of the valley, also saw it and said it was too fast and it was impossible to follow because it was suddenly changing course.

There was a “persecution” by the police patrol but the object was constantly changing direction… they couldn´t find an answer.