UFO of Jerusalem: Deep analysis





Motion tracking, Parallax, Fake sounds, Light effects and more…

This third view of the UFO from Temple Mount is completely FAKE.

They used a photograph to create a video. The original image is here at Wikipedia:

After they animated a fake UFO into view, they displayed that animation on an LCD screen, and them filmed it with a video camera. Yes, they filmed an LCD screen with a video camera…

Then they added sound effects and did a horrible job blending them together…

They also forgot to add those fake lights common in the rest of the FAKE UFO VIDEOS.

This one is proven to be a HOAX 100%.

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The video should speak for itself….

…but I forgot to mention one important thing…

The reason the camera shake and the zoom is fake, is because it is really difficult to add a fake UFO to a video that is already shaking and zooming. So what they do is film a video on a tripod, zero shake, zero zoom. Then they add the UFO to the video. Then they add the fake shake and zoom for effect, to make it more believable. That is how it was done.

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Since people can’t understand my last argument about the violations of laws of perspective regarding two parallel lines in space in the last video, I made this “parallax for dummies” video.



Yes, I know that turning the camera along it’s vertical axis could cause the background and foreground objects to move the same direction. BUT, if you track the entire video, you will see movements along the horizontal axis, and STILL no parallax effect is detected.

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Clarification is needed…

The wall should be connected to the ground, and the ground is the horizon. This should lock the two lines together, because they are connected physically. They shouldn’t move as much as you see. Many argue that movement of the camera could cause this, but that is why I stabilized the horizon, so you can use parallax to measure the movement of the camera (parallax is used to measure the distance of stars).

If you watch the horizon line and see how it passes through the mans neck, you will see the horizon never moves up or down. If the camera moved up, the horizon would drop to the mans shoulders. If the camera moved down, the horizon should move up to the top of the man’s head. Since it doesn’t do that, this shows the camera didn’t move up and down.

If you watch the lights on the horizon directly to the left of the man, you can measure how much the camera is moving left and right. The lights seem to always be a fixed distance from his head and body, they do not move left or right compared to the body. This means the camera didn’t move left or right.

Since the camera didn’t move up or down, left or right, there is no way the angle of the wall could change independently from the horizon as much as it is in the video.

My THEORY is that the background is fake… or something was edited in the video.

No amount of video compression could change the geometry as you see here. To draw the line on the wall I didn’t only use the edge of the wall to detect where the line should go. I also used the lines in the bricks just below the line, and the tree.

Something fishy is up with this video… and this is NOT the only issue. The lighting is completely fake as well…but that is another topic.

No matter what, I know this video is fake, and a hoax. All those that are insulting me are going to feel really dumb in the future, I guarantee it.

-end update-

This time I motion tracked the horizon so that it stays in one spot. Notice how the angle of the edge of the wall changes, but the angle of the horizon stays the same, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Unless he is on a boat, or is in a super large Earthquake, the angle of the horizon and the edge of the wall should remain locked together. Because they don’t, this means the entire horizon is fake.

The UFO video is a HOAX.