Two “UFO” sightings of the same nature


ufos-lights-uralsTwo “UFO” sightings, the first one recorded by a pilot in Costa Rica during a flight on January 23th 2013 and the second one recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 28th January 2013.

We firmly believe the origin of this sightings is the same: LENS FLARE.

In both cases the light appear when the camera points directly to a bright light source, such us the Sun in the first video or the light outside the house in the second video.

In both cases the light change location with the camera’s movement relative to light sources.

In both cases the light is sorrounded by another clearly lens flare that moves along with it.

Here is a comparisson between both sightings and a lens flare that makes it very clear:



What is really amazing is how the media likes to feed disinformation and ignorance.