The recurrent “UFOs” in St. Petersburg


For several years, between March and April, it can be seen in the sky of Russia strange orange lights, flying often over St. Petersburg or Ladoga lake.

The last sighting of similar lights dates back a few days ago, published on YouTube by a Russian resident. What is the origin of these lights? Are they UFOs? The explanation has long been known: launch of cluster flares by military exercise.

As said before, these lights were photographed and filmed several times. For example:

February 1997 (link 2) – March 2010March 2011April 2012April 2013 (news)

It’s really fun to read that this military exercise has become an “alien craft flying over Putin’s home”. It is really ridiculous.

About sighting in 2011, it was investigated by Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA, where in the final report we can read this explanation given to Finnish ufo researchers (one of them is Björn Borg) by Russian contacts:

«Borg 23.3.2011:Tapaus selvisi jo. Venäjältä tuli vastas:

“Dear Bjorn!

This are very terrestrial objects – big flares with the parachutes, dropped for the training in aerial shooting by our interceptors. Such cluster of flares called in a Russian military slang “lustra” (“chandelier”). Place of manoeuvres – only over big water surfaces (otherwise parts of flare can made a fire on the earth), usually over Ladoga lake.”»

About sighting in 2012, we can read a confirmation on these military exercise by local media (link 1; link 2) with this claim by Andrei Bobrun, head of press service of the Western Military District:

«We set a target yesterday, we put today and tomorrow – we are teaching. The exercises are processed as follows: the first is usually a plane Su-27, it resets the target aircraft. The target is a cylindrical object, inside which the so-called seven torches placed. They consist of a pyrotechnic composition of lighting.»

Every year the Russian nation is the focus of these military launches and every year, despite the explanations given, we can read about UFOs and alien craft flying in the sky because people loves the mystery, the truth is rather boring.

Scott Brando