The Popocatépetl volcano UFOs (Explained)



In 2012 the Mexican media company Televisa, published the first “UFO” captured from a static webcam with the function of monitoring the volcano, since then sightings of apparently “anomalous” lights were increasing capturing even more attention than the volcano itself. We have reopened the investigation due to the growing tendency of the press to publish these alleged UFOs, we think it’s time to give a statement to this particular issue, because we haven’t find sufficient evidence to link these lights with unconventional aerial phenomena.

A highly relevant fact is that in the direction of the angle toward the lens of the static camera, there is a functioning airfield and the Puebla International Airport, as you can see in the picture below:


We have concluded that the effects of light are perfectly explainable or relatable to the aerial activity in that particular area, the lights that cross horizontally the screen are entirely attributable to any type of conventional air activity as commercial airplanes or helicopters, which due to the low amount of frames per second of the recording they are deformed in a “trail of light” causing the effect of cylindrical or elongated UFO. In the picture on the left we can see a plane under the conditions mentioned above.


For cases of supposed cylindrical UFOs “entering” into the volcano, we have concluded that they could perfectly be fireballs that from a particular perspective can be interpreted as if were “entering” the volcano, when the object is simply crossing through the atmosphere. In the next picture we see a fireball under the conditions mentioned above, being captured by two different cameras with different frame rate.


To explain the recent video where several lights go up, “turn off” and quickly descend, we can find a similarity to the behaviour of “sparks” of a fire that could be underneath and close to the camera, that when consumed they diminish its brightness and fall. In the same way it can be considered to be fireflies because on the right side also several lights are visible descending possibly not so near the camera as the ones from the left, the volcano is only decorating the landscape.

In conclusion: we do not find sufficient arguments to conclude that any of these events could not be explained with any conventional phenomenon.