The ISS Live Stream “UFO”


According to UFO hunter the International Space Station (ISS) was visited (again!) by a mysterious flying object recorded by the camera of the ISS, during a live streaming in April 5.

As in similar news discussed a few months ago, it’s just a lens reflection that comes later in the same day at the same point and in the same shot.

To ease the evidence of the repeated lens reflection, here’s a simple comparison between two separate recordings, the first relating to the supposed UFO (Tuesday at 3:31); the second where the same “object” reappears after few hours (Tuesday at 9:31) in the same position into the scene shown by NASA with Live Stream from the ISS:

iss-ufo (1)iss-ufo (2) An animated gif with the transition of the two screenshots shows the perfect artifact overlay, recorded in two different times. That’s impossible if we were watching a real flying object – visible twice – during the live streaming:


Report the usual and boring, lens reflection during the quoted NASA recordings is not news, is not attractive. Better then to claim it’s a Star Wars-Type UFO.