The “Daily UFOs”


If you are one of those who need to watch new UFOs daily , perhaps you will not like this article, but it is certainly you one of those who needs to read it.

Daily UFOs:

There are many sites that maintain the habit of posting with great continuity alleged new cases of UFOs, the reality is somewhat discouraging for the world of ufology and the UFO subject in general. Basically the constant bombardment of false or intentionally misinterpreted news without a minimum analysis are today´s UFO cancer, the need to feed the amateur public with fantasy without applying any logical argument it´s a reality that has reached very high levels and shows a tendency to increase, being money the most influential and main responsible, many websites today live from the alleged UFOs to overturn traffic to their sites and expect earnings, a stark reality.

magnifying-glassFrom our position we are committed with the objective to fight this trend, we have tried to aim to a critical and objective audience, we have published under criteria with logical arguments, under the strict filter of our team of experts to provide the public a more refined and real content. At present, most websites are daily reporting conventional things like insects, birds, airplanes, clouds, balloons, reflections, drones, etc. This is something we think people should be aware of, today we can´t say that the UFO phenomenon has disappeared although it has significantly reduced its activity or speaking in more technical terms, the anomalous phenomena that really strike for its unconventional features are extremely isolated and small in number, more than what you and we ourselves thought at some point.

What is our advice? question everything, especially the websites which define themselves only under the flashy “slogan” of “the daily UFOs” or “latest UFO sightings” etc. Don´t trust on Google searches, these sites usually achieve top positions when it is assumed that the search should prioritize quality content to enhance the user experience, in this case its algorithm obviously is not helping but facilitating disinformation and sensationalism.

If there aren´t new UFOs cases would ufology extinguish? No, there is a lot of material without a known explanation to work yet, while one of those cases remains open the problem to UFOs will live. But anyone trying to investigate the real UFO issue supported only in the present and bound to the “daily UFO cases” will eventually have to accept the reality that he will not have as much work as expected.