The 66th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident


roswell-66-anniversaryThis case is considered by many as the birth of Ufology, theories, conspiracies and mystery.

The Roswell UFO incident marked the beginning of the popularization of this phenomenon, not only nationally, but also globally. It is one of the great UFO myths and this town in the state of New Mexico marked a before and after in July 1947. From here, many people began to believe, while they also began to distrust the information from the government of the United States, still accusing him of hiding information that would clarify the existence of extraterrestrial life.

One day in July, a farmer discovered the remains of something that could have been a ship on his ranch. The farmer decides to call the sheriff of the area and a day after the media echo the finding. The headlines leave no doubt: “The Air Force captured a flying saucer on a ranch in Roswell region.” After the news, the commander of the air base of Roswell Army visits the area and completely denies newspaper report given the day before. The commander said that they were the remains of a weather balloon. Despite the military’s statements, controversy about the phenomenon had just started.