Strange UFO at low altitude in Russia [3 angles]



Strange UFO at low altitude in Russia [3 angles]:

A very interesting case took place on July 27th in Mitino, Moscow, Russia where at daylight during a storm a small object was sighted making errant movements in midair and then takes a particular direction until is lost of sight. The UFO was recorded by three witnesses, some of them accompanied by more people as you can hear in the videos.

Witnesses describe it as a bright or reflective object and some of them saw it for about 15 minutes before starting to record. After it passes behind the building they could not find it on the other side, according to some of them.

Some of the witnesses mentioned the possibility that it is a ball lightning, a yet relatively unknown natural phenomenon associated with thunderstorms that is supposed to have some similar features like the appearance and erratic movement but they last only a few seconds, however this object was videotaped for more than 2 minutes and witnesses say they saw it for about 15 minutes.

Date: July 27th 2015 at 18:39 hrs.
Location: Mitino, Moscow, Russia.

• Number of witnesses with proper documentation: Three
• Effect on other things: Not reported
• Shows speed shifts or maneuvers: Yes
• Relatable to something conventional or manmade: No
• Level of not conventionality or strangeness: Very High
• Hoax register found in image/video analysis: Low
• Possibility of adulteration or hoax: Low