Strange lights recorded in Concorde, NH



A recent video was posted on Facebook by Mike Pittaro where he recorded a group of lights constantly changing and according to the witnesses (he and his wife) it was not visible to the naked eye, only through the camera.

Witness report: It was taken tonight at 7:07pm in the Target/Best Buy parking lot off Sheep Davis Road in Concord NH. My wife started taking photos of the sunset and caught the UFOs. These objects were NOT visible to the naked eye. After asking multiple people to use their cellphones, they too caught the exact same UFOs, verifying what we were recording. My wife and I have a good amount of video and photos between us, and what I shared here is what I felt was the best of what we filmed.

The witnesses repeat several times things like “It´s not the light post.”, “I´m away from the light post now.” suggesting that they initially suspected it could be some kind of reflection of the light post visible in the video and this is the more likely explanation. The hole video the lights appear to change, possibly caused by the leafs moving in front of the light post and then changing the reflection caused. It also seems to slightly change position when the witness moves the camera. But the key moment is when a person walks in front of the light post partially blocking the light source in one frame, directly affecting the shape of the lights in the sky as you can see in the below:


Exact moment: