January 7, 2011

6th Jan – Triangle UFO formation recorded in Lake Elsinore, California

By CEO in Sightings

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182282 184583054916825 100000953956750 407122 6060362 n 6th Jan – Triangle UFO formation recorded in Lake Elsinore, CaliforniaTriangle UFO/formation recorded by two different witnesses hovering over Lake Elsinore, California.

Video 1:

Witness report: basically we were on the 15 fwy south by temescal canyon rd, i was sleeping and my mom n sis woke me up asking what was that in the sky, at first it looked like a meteor or something falling out of the sky when I was taking out my camera it split into 3 lights, news and 911 emergency said it was skydivers, if it were that must be some really bright glow sticks to see it from that far, I’ll let it up to you to make your own minds up..

Video 2:

Witness report: We got out of the car at Starbucks and everyone was standing in the parking lot staring at 3 lights forming a triangle in the sky. We saw it for about 1 minute before we started this recording. The lights all went out at the same time.

The following was recorded two days earlier on 4th January 2011 in Lake Worth, Florida, USA.

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