Scientists look for alien signals near the mysterious star KIC 8462852


UPDATE – December 15th, 2015

After months of studies Douglas Vakoch, president of SETI International, concluded to The Astrophysical Journal Letters that “The hypothesis of an alien megastructure around KIC 8462852 is rapidly crumbling apart… We found no evidence of an advanced civilization beaming intentional laser signals toward Earth.

At the moment the best explanation is that this is a natural phenomenon caused by cometary fragments in a pronounced elliptical orbit around the star, blocking its light.


This event could be one of the most important in the astronomical area, thanks to an anomaly detected in the star KIC 8462852 discovered by NASA´s space telescope Kepler. The unusual activity was discovered due to irregularities in the flow coming from the star, which refers to the presence of aligned clusters of matter (small masses) orbiting the star.

Because the scientific community considers the possibility that these agglomerations of small bodies that orbit the star are artificial, astronomers at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) for the first time can lead the search for potential radio signals from the area where the peculiar star is located.

The most likely explanation that some scientists suggest to the phenomenon is that it is a swarm of comets that have been pushed to the star by a massive object, like a giant planet or a passing star.

The other alternative explanation, considerably less likely but more popular is that the light is interrupted by a giant artificial structure, a hypothetical space satellite system designed to capture a large amount of starlight and provide enery to aliens.