REVIEW on Supposed UFOs in Japan

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It´s very common that when a big disaster occurs everybody begins to upload SUPPOSED videos of UFOs in the affected country. It´s very possible that this kind of massive disasters could call the attention of our space visitors but that doesn´t mean they have to show themselves so easily.

Here are some of the videos that the people is saying are UFOs:

Supposed UFO during Japan´s tsunami. Most videos of this case are very blurry but in this one it´s very clear that is nothing more than a helicopter (at min 1:28):

Here are the ones I consider CGI fakes (the objects look digitally added to me, they don´t “match” and mix with the background image in any of this videos):

Copies of this video were uploaded days before the earthquake.

Another two possible fakes:



The last one, there is something extremelly small crossing the screen and some people already think it´s a UFO. During a tsunami an object like that could be ANYTHING.

At the moment there is no video footage that could prove or even suggest that Extraterrestrials visited the affected area by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Be Objective!

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