Piramid UFO over China FAKE


Since last week, most UFO websites have published a video where a big pyramid-shaped UFO it´s floating over the city of Xi’an in China, with a smaller diamond-shaped UFO floating around the bigger one. It looks like anybody took time to analize this video.
First of all, im studying 3D Animation and this video looks totally made with CG. In second place, the video has information with it but it´s not more than just words written with a keyboard, there is NO evidence of any of the information that the author wrote, there is no register of the supposed witnesses, and IF there where more witnesses they should have recorded it from differents angles.
A enormous pyramid over a populated city should have been told by the media or something more than just a YouTube video.

This doesn´t confirms 100% that the video it´s a fake, but shows that there no reason to believe that a giant UFO visited China and the only “evidence” of it is only a poor video.