New UFO X-Files from North Wales Police


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North Wales Police has revealed, in their own version of the X-File that there has been 13 reports of UFOs from the public since 2004.

Every year there has been at least one sighting of strange craft, or weird lights in the sky in almost every county in the region – although the interplanetary day trippers appear to be giving Flintshire a miss for some reason.

The far from comprehensive list of sightings begins with:

l Beaumaris, 2004: Reports of three lights in a triangular pattern travelling east.

l Denbigh, 2005: UFO in the sky.

l Penmaenmawr, 2005: Two sightings of immense white light moving quickly and silently across the sky.

Abergele, 2006: Caller, suspected of being drunk, claims to have seen a UFO.

l Llangollen, 2007: Family saw a flame shimmering in the sky

l Pwllheli, 2008: Luminous, orange light with a white circle around it making no noise and hovering around the area for 10 minutes.

l Wrexham, 2010: Very large craft orange in colour but changed to red, blue and green.

l Colwyn Bay, 2010: Glowing green triangles at the back of a craft which eventually faded out.