New HOAX of UFO in Japan

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Some times a couple of readers say us “why do you post hoaxes? I want the real stuff”. So here is our answer: we post this kind of hoaxes because of the enormous disinformation around UFOs, and most hoaxes are responsible of that. So if a hoax it´s being posted all over the internet, we feel obliged to explain it with our own point of view, as part of our informative purpose.

This hoax comes from the hand of the well known Fakes Promoter: Michael Cohen, supposedly recorded in Japan on the first days of September 2011. There is something that has to be explained: the makers of this video took the “idea” from a real video to make it more credible but watching both videos together you can clearly see the difference of detail.



Here is the HOAX video of UFOs in Japan:


And this is the REAL video of a UFO releasing orbs, one of the best UFO videos ever, recorded in Mexico on May 22nd 2009: