Lot´s of HOAXES are being posted after Jerusalem´s case

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After Jerusalem UFO HOAX now everybody wants to have his own fake UFO video on the news.

Let´s begin with this: Apparently the owner and “witness” of the Jerusalem UFO video has spoken. Although his videos were debunked by many serious researches he insists on its authenticity.

Check out the video of him talking about the sighting.


Eligael Gedalyovich: “Hello everybody, my name is Eligael and I filmed the UFO video in my channel. Since I uploaded the video I have got many comments and replies and I thank everyone. I’m very sorry I couldn’t answer until today. Since that event I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t know how to react until I got to the conclusion that I can’t run away from it and must react and do research about what is going on there on this specific spot of the Dome of the Rock Temple Mount. Especially because this is not my first time I saw a UFO there and I live in Tel Aviv, so I really, really believe that something is going on there. Everyone who was there know the different atmosphere that bring some people to the Jerusalem syndrome, so I believe there is something beyond religious or political conflict in this specific point. Not accidentally, it’s one of the biggest spot of conflict on the planet. So, for the meantime, according to the comments I’ve got, and requests, the first thing I intend to do is go to Jerusalem to film from the locations that the UFO was filmed and bring you the video of the locations. I don’t know if you prefer on daytime or night shot, so if you could tell me. I will make contact with the other witnesses and ask them to join me. And all the conclusions, the video I will shoot, I will publish in my YouTube channel. And every step I intend to do in the future I will publish in my YouTube. So, I’m not a religious person, but I want to quote from […] who said about this specific point, these words: Shall my house of prayer, will be the prayer house for all nations, or for all people — a free translation. So, in the meantime, thank you very much and soon I will upload the video. Thank you and bye bye.”


Surely this is one of the most elaborated hoaxes ever…

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On the other hand we have this recent two videos of supposed UFOs, one in Bolivia and the other in France.
There is a pattern that MOST of UFO fake videos always do: the UFO always disappears with an extremely high speed movement (sometimes with a flash of light). It´s like a common idea on the human heads but that kind of behaviour was actually never recorded.

This supposed video was recorded on 12th February at daylight in La Paz, Bolivia and was discussed on a TV show, alluding to the authenticity of it because it doesn´t look CGI…OK, it doesn´t look CGI.. I agree but that thing is a “toy” or something hanging from a thread, it´s obviously a small object hanging near the camera. I can´t believe how this kind of sighting can even be discussed on a TV show.

There is not too much information about this “sighting”. It was supposedly recorded in Pommier, France at daylight. The object makes that “typical” extremely high speed movement that moves the UFO out of the frame. I can´t ensure that this one is fake but it looks that to me, the witness didn´t followed the UFO when it moved fast to the left, he just put down the camera and recorded the grass… he don´t even TRIED to locate it again, not very convincing.