Interesting UFO formation in Minnesota


Five strange lights were recorded in a particular formation in the night sky of St. Paul Minnesota, USA.
Footage by two different witnesses:

wildboy26@youtube: “In St. Paul Minnesota, we saw this……. i didnt shoot this…. it was shot by a local news station. they caught different angles…. i edited out the people reactions. i did see it in person, at a different location. the weather services and authorities says they dont know wat it is…. so… its unexplained. but right now….. Norad is looking in to it.”

doyougiggle@youtube: “I was working on a project when my sister freakishly calls me to go out side to look. I didn’t see anything where I was but she insisted to come and pick me up to go and look. This is what we saw along with numerous neighbors. It just looks like some lights, but it was actually pretty creepy look. I don’t know if it’s some kind of crazy invention or an actual UFO, I guess we will have to see.”