How Some UFO Believers Feed Disinformation


the-truth-is-out-thereSince Curiosity Rover´s landing on Mars (as predictible) multiple people has made calims of “evidence” of aliens on Mars just pointing out rocks formations or staff like that, this way taking some attention and gaining “views” on their videos. And later, also predictible, they are mentioned on the news but obviously the news explain why this people are so wrong, showing evidence that their claims are false, like on and… and in this cases the media is right.

These are the kind of people who prefers to call attention with false or unlikely claims rather than make a serious research, just to appear on the news and believe they are important (people like Stephen Hannard (ADGUK), Michael Cohen, etc). Even to Marco Barraza (from NuestroPasadoExtraterrestre) we showed him that a conspiranoid analysis he made based on a FOX News report about UFOs was completelly invalid because the video wasn´t from the date he believed. And he preferred to delete our comments and leave intact his publication without even editing it, preferring people to believe something that he knows is wrong rather than accept a lack of information.  This doesn´t mean that they couldn´t post a real UFO sometimes. But this way is how they damage the credibility and seriousness of the UFO subject, for those who believe and those who do not, feeding the number one enemy of the truth: DISINFORMATION.

In these days we are performing a “maintenance check up” of all our posts and we realized that our way to view and understand UFOs has enormously changed since we begun on 2010. Even though since the beginning we hardly tried to be completelly objective in our orientation, there are cases that we may have consider as “UFO” in the past but we may not now. The reason is because nobody owns the truth and everyone researching UFOs should know that he doesn´t owns the truth and if you want to get close to the truth the only way is through constantly learning and research.

We believe it will always going to be people believing what they want even without evidence, or trying to make others believe what they want, even if some day we make contact with an alien civilization, there is going to be people like that.

We hope to have explained our point here and if you agree with us please share it with anyone you want.