Fast UFO maneuvering over Denver

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Finally a good sighting, on June 3rd this fast moving “orb” UFO was recorded maneuvering in the sky of Denver, Colorado USA at night. It moves very fast, then it stops in middle air, changes direction and at the end it completely disappears… nothing a human craft or animal we know could do.




Witness report (@magnetflipper): This was recorded about 1:45 a.m. June 3 2011 over Southeast Denver Colorado. UFO’s flying overhead here in south Denver, if you watch the end of the UFO clip, the UFO just bolts out of the frame at a very fast rate that I just could not keep up.. It was also very dark as there was no Moon. I have no idea as to what these objects are.

The device that was used to record was made by Xenonics, Supervision a starlight amplifier that amplifies light and allows you to see a very dark sky, it’s like daylight, except you can see all stars. This was recorded by a Casio camera Exilim DSLR HD format.