Doubtful NEW UFOs by Antonio Urzi


Antonio Urzi… well known for capturing the most “detailed” UFO footages. You can search “Antonio Urzi UFOs” on YouTube and you will know what i´m talking about. So he released NEW photographs taken on Monday, September 19 2011 in Milan, Italy at daylight. The photos show a black disk-shaped UFO with small black spheres around. We all know that if only ONE of the videos of Antonio Urzi were faked, all of them are fake. So I have to say that this particular case isn´t convincing me, the spacecraft doesn´t look “functional“, it looks like a toy, not like previous cases. I also wonder why is he the only one that captures this “detailed” images… I suppose that someone near Urzi´s home should also see this spacecrafts flying over their homes…

So watch the video and leave your comments:

This is how his videos COULD be made:

By Mrmorlam1@youtube:

Antonio Urzi IS the next Billy Meier since he FAKES all his footage. Some of his footage, of objects flying past buildings filmed from street level, shows balloons flying about as if they are UFO’s but balloons are sold on many streets in Italy. Balloons are a favourite for faking or creating what seems to be great or interesting footage, especially in Mexico.
The other type of footage he takes is simply zooming in to a bright star or planet like venus or jupiter when they are bright in the afternoon sky.
Unlike Meier, instead of models on strings, Urzi resorts to a much simpler technique where he films a metal button or a thin watch battery on a window pane. His window pane is a skylight and he stands back while zooming into the button which looks like a gleaming object in the sky. Classic UFO camera trickery.
My 3 objects are a small watch battery and 2 small metal buttons filmed while looking through the window pane they are sitting on.
There’s even an Adamski-ish fly about later on showing the same technique used in the 60’s: “camera flying”, where you move the camera slightly and the object, being close to you, moves relative to the background giving the impression of a “strange” nipping flight.