Thursday, December 14, 2017
Closed Cases

Closed Cases


The ISS Live Stream “UFO”

According to UFO hunter the International Space Station (ISS) was visited (again!) by a mysterious flying object recorded by the camera of the ISS,...

The recurrent “UFOs” in St. Petersburg

For several years, between March and April, it can be seen in the sky of Russia strange orange lights, flying often over St. Petersburg...

“UFOs” in Chile Explained 15th Dec 2015

Last December 15th as almost every year, several witnesses documented what at first seems an "unusual" aerial activity, also positioning the hashtag #OVNI Chile...

Attention! New video of known hoaxer

A new video is circulating the web where you see the view from an airplane in flight and at one point an alleged unidentified...

The Popocatépetl volcano UFOs (Explained)

In 2012 the Mexican media company Televisa, published the first "UFO" captured from a static webcam with the function of monitoring the volcano, since...

Strange lights recorded in Concorde, NH

// Concorde NH   A recent video was posted on Facebook by Mike Pittaro where he recorded a group of lights constantly changing and according to...

UFO sighting in Sevastopol (Russia)

An interesting UFO was recorded on a beach Fiolent in Sevastopol, a strange metallic object, the witness says it changed colors from gold to...

Passenger records alleged UFO from a Boeing 737

Passenger records alleged UFO from a Boeing 737: An alleged UFO has been recorded by a dutch passenger aboard the Ryanair Airbus Boeing 737. The...

The “UFO” over Cape Canaveral, Florida

The "UFO" over Cape Canaveral, Florida: Last week an amazing object was sighted that left a long trail behind, at Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA),...

The solved UFO cases of July, 2015

"UFO" passes ahead of a commercial plane in New York JFK Airport: UFOs sighted by pilots are usually very interesting, as they are evaluated by highly...

Daylight Disk-Shaped UFO Sighting in Miraflores, Perú

On February 10th, in Miraflores, Lima Perú a disk-shaped UFO was sighted during the recording of the TV show called "Alto al Crimen" at...

UFO sighting over the water in Monte Hermoso

On January 14th 2014 at 21 hrs aprox. UFO activity was sighted and recorded in a beach of Monte Hermoso, Argentina by Leandro Mitilli....

UFO or police drone during protests in Brazil?

An unidentified flying object was seen by thousands and recorded flying freely over a protest in São Paulo, Brazil. Due to the circumstances of...

Two “UFO” sightings of the same nature

Two "UFO" sightings, the first one recorded by a pilot in Costa Rica during a flight on January 23th 2013 and the second one...

UFO Craft seen from a plane in the USA? or not?

The following video was recorded from an airplane flight from Florida to Pennsylvania, USA on December 29th 2012. A dark angular structure with a...

Exploding UFO in California likely a Weather Balloon

A smartphone video that shows a bright orb exploding in the sky sparked a UFO mystery in Sacramento, Calif., but it looks as if...

The London Olympics “UFO”

As we said in our facebook page: NOPE! There were no UFO sightings during the Olympics in London (yet). All the videos that you...

Baltic Sea “UFO” more likely an elaborate SCAM

Exactly! We smelled this from the beginning. That´s why we haven´t posted any news related with the alleged "Baltic Sea UFO". The ONLY reason...