Barack Obama answers about Area 51 and UFOs


obama-area51-roswell-jimmy-kimmelLast night United States President Barack Obama was invited to the well known Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show where he was asked about several things, but the one question we care the most was also answered.

Hoster Jimmy Kimmel told Obama that if he was President he would checked every file about Area 51 and UFOs to find out what happened and asked Obama if he did that.

Obama answered between laughs: “That´s why you will not be President, because that´s the first thing that you would do… the aliens won´t let it happen, you would reveal all their secrets, they exercise strict control over us.

After the jokes Jimmy Kimmel asked again: “Did you looked, did you see… explored?”

Obama answered more “seriously”: “I can´t reveal anything”

Jimmy: “Oh really!?”

Obama: “Yeah”

Jimmy: “Because President Clinton said he did go right into it and he did checked and there was nothing.”

Obama: “Well, you know, that´s what we are instructed to say” (between laughs)

Barack Obama clearly seems to be joking all the time, except when Jimmy Kimmel asks again if he viewed or searched something. At that time he seems to respond more seriously “I can´t reveal anything”, even when the host asks again “Oh really?” Obama answered “Yes”.

We recently posted an interview made in the same program to the expresident of the United States Bill Clinton, where he said that he searched for those files but didn´t to find anything.
Here you can see the link to the post: Bill Clinton wouldn´t be surprised if we were visited by ET´s

There is no doubt that whenever an important politician decides talk on UFOs or Aliens it makes news and leaves the public talking about it, especially if it is the President of the United States, a country with great secrecy and many conspiracy theories around it.

How much could be truth or how much could be a joke?

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Analysis of President Obama’s Interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel.