Baltic Sea “UFO” more likely an elaborate SCAM


Exactly! We smelled this from the beginning. That´s why we haven´t posted any news related with the alleged “Baltic Sea UFO”. The ONLY reason it was called “UFO” from the beginning was because of it´s SHAPE, and it doesn´t even necessarily look like a UFO at all! There is no objective reason to believe that “object” is an alien spacecraft. Let´s not feed disinformation!

Here is a segment from an article about this by MSNBC:

Peter Lindberg, head of the Ocean X Team, either has let his imagination run wild or has an ulterior motive, according to Jonathon Hill, a researcher at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University, who analyzes images of planetary surface features taken during NASA’s Mars missions.

“Whenever people make extraordinary claims, it’s always a good idea to consider for a moment whether they are personally benefiting from the claim or if it’s a truly objective observation,” Hill told Life’s Little Mysteries.

“In this case, the team clearly has a lot to gain from an extraordinary claim,” he said. “Mr. Lindberg is already making plans to take ‘wealthy tourists’ down in his submarine to view the object. If he had used a rock hammer to break off a small piece of the object, a geologist could have determined whether it was a pillow basalt in a few minutes. But if it turned out to be a pillow basalt and not a ‘mysterious UFO-like object’, Mr. Lindberg wouldn’t have much of a business plan, would he?”

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