Attention! New video of known hoaxer


A new video is circulating the web where you see the view from an airplane in flight and at one point an alleged unidentified craft can be seen behind the clouds, supposedly recorded in Germany, Regensburg. The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel “SECTION 51 2.0” which belongs to a hoaxer that since about a year ago he has been continuously posting fake videos.

In his videos he never names verifiable witnesses or sources and are characterized by using computer generated crafts of various shapes and mount them in military videos, news videos or supposed of home videos. Despite showing some skill to create these videos, the “ships” are not that well composed with the background and the animation reveals the superposition of the object. But what mostly highlights the montage is the tracking of the background full of imperfections, making the UFO not have a fluid motion accompanying the movement of the camera, instead constant small jumps are seen in his position with respect to the background. One more to add to your blacklist.