American pilot wins trial to pay treatment for damages caused by UFO encounter during service


john-burroughs-ufo-healthAn American pilot has won a trial to force military health chiefs to pay for the treatment of a complicated illness intentionally caused by a UFO encounter in Suffolk county, in 1980.

Airman First Class John Burroughs was involved in an incident in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980 which is now populary known as the “Britain’s Roswell”. He was exposed to huge doses of radiation while he was investigating a mysterious craft and claimed this left him in need of a “lifesaving” heart surgery. After decades of legal fightings, he has finally persuaded the US Veteran’s Association (VA) to pay for his treatment. His lawyer hailed the dramatic legal about-turn as a “de facto” admission that UFOs exist and can cause “physical injury”.

The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the great unsolved UFO encounters of the 20th century, such as the Roswell´s. Several members of the United States Air Force witnessed a strange craft flying overhead on three consecutive nights. Burroughs and a colleague Jim Penniston went out from their base to inspect the UFO at close range, which Penniston described as a strange silver craft covered in symbols which resembled hieroglyphics. Sometime afterwards, Burroughs fell ill with symptoms resembling radiation exposure.

The real problems started in 2011, when the mitral valve of Burroughs´s heart had failed – something which usually happens to men much older than 50-year-old Burroughs. Neither Burroughs nor his doctor were able to access his medical records, which were classified. Burroughs even claimed the Air Force denied he was employed with them at the time of the UFO incident. He asked for the help of presidential candidate Senator John McCain, who was also unable to access all the medical records.

Finally, Burroughs’ legal team found two documents from the British Ministry of Defence which showed high levels of radiation were detected at the location where he encountered the mystery UFO. The US Veterans Association and Department of Defence then agreed to pay for Burroughs´s treatment.

“I’m still trying to work out what I saw,” Burroughs said. “I think this is a phenomenon the government is aware of, but are still trying to work out exactly what it is. We had a very weird experience. There is clearly something strange going on.”