AMAZING UFO Activity Recorded in Chile March 2012


An AMAZING footage was taken in Quilpue, Chile were a family recorded a 4 parts VIDEO showing multiple lights behaving really strange in the night sky of March 4th 2012. The videos are a bit shaky and some times unfocused but they managed to caught on video this outstanding images of a very strange phenomenon. The best videos are the Part 1 and Part 3, but we will post the 4 parts.


Here are the strange characteristics we´ve noticed:

– No conventional aircraft´s lights pattern is visible.

– A blue light is almost always visible.

– Eventually dim lights appear and move rapidly aroung the “main lights“. (Part 1)

– More “orbs” of light appear from nowhere, also disappear. (Part 3)

– Some of this lights moved towards the houses. (Part 2)

– Sometimes it looks like if the sides of a bigger craft is being reflected by the object´s lights. (Part 1 & 2)

– Isolated blinkings are also visible.


Author of the videos: rodrigoihz@YouTube. Watch them carefuly.

Part 1

> Part 2 <

> Part 3 <

> Part 4 <