Aligned UFOs in Rome


ufo-aligned-romeLast May 31st a group of UFOs was recorded in Rome, Italy at daylight.
You can see an object with visible size with something elongated underneath and several small objects surrounding it. As you can appreciate the formation appears to be of one object to the right, one object to the left, one underneath and several aligned on the top.

We consider the posibility of some kind of man-made formation, somehow attached balloons or sort of, although we unknown if that result can be achieved with that.

Even though this objects appear to be relatively steady we can appreciate some similarity with a case recorded in Mexico, on May 22nd, 2009 by Alfredo Carrillo (actual member of UFOs On Earth), where from a bigger object appears to come out several smaller objects aligned on the sides.

Here you can watch the original footage and the video with altered contrasts and stabilized movements to better apreciation of the objects:

The possible similar case from Mexico:

Comparison of both cases: