Airbus pilot captures a UFO during flight 11/08/15 – [Video]



UFO sighted and filmed by commercial airplane pilot in Brazil:

Recently the YouTube channel “Net TV” posted an interesting video allegedly reported by a pilot of Airbus 320 airline, who sent the video documented on August 11th, 2015 at 20:00 hrs. in Brasilia / Campo Grande route. The pilot reported that the UFO was at about 36,000 feet (about 10,000 meters), told that at the time that the object appeared in front of the airliner, stood there for a few seconds and then disappeared at high speed. The pilot stated that in 20 years of work he had never seen anything like this.

According to the witness statements and for being a commercial pilot with over 20 years of flying experience, makes this evidence a high-value material, an object under intelligent control, a witness with knowledge and experience of flight, and a video that proves part of his statement. If more material and documentation appears it will be attached to this news.

UPDATE – 16/08/2015: 

Recently we noticed in the video something that raises doubts about its authenticity: the audio is repeated, in the second 00:40 restarts, indicating that the audio was added and this greatly increases the chances that the entire video is a fraud. Whether it could be a montage or that the object seen in the video is real but conventional.

Date: August 11th
Location: Brasilia / Campo Grande

• Number of witnesses with proper documentation: One
• Effect on other things: Not reported
• Shows speed shifts or maneuvers: Yes (According the witness)
• Relatable to something conventional or manmade: Yes
• Level of not conventionality or strangeness: Low
• Hoax register found in image/video analysis: Very High
• Possibility of adulteration or hoax: Very High