I’m interested in UFOs since I was very young and, as almost everybody, I was a victim of disinformation. I entered the field in search for more information about this fascinating topic that is “UFOs” and found A LOT of stuff… it was very exciting at the beginning but soon enough one begins to doubt about some videos, photos or information you are getting and found out that most of it was junk made for profit.

I considered this as a big problem in the search for the truth about UFOs so this is why in 2009 I started a website called UFOS ON EARTH – Objective Research. Even though at that time I had the intention to filter the bullshit and be a source of only quality content I was still not informed enough to properly dismiss ALL the fakes and hoaxes I find. As I became more informed over the years (and counting) I became more skeptic about the hole subject leaving only a tiny portion that I consider has the potencial to be something still unknown.

As a digital visual effects professional I use the latest techniques to debunk the hoaxes and inform people (like me years ago) about what is fake, what is not and why. Thank you for your time.