28th Jan – UFO of Jerusalem. Real or FAKE?

Link of this post: http://www.ufosonearth.com/28th-jan-ufo-of-jerusalem-real-or-fake/


This case was going around on the internet but we were not sure enough to post it or not. On Friday 28th at around 01:00 am in Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount in Jerusalem a SUPPOSED UFO was recorded by different witnesses.

The UFO was hovering over the city and seconds later it descends very fast and stops, then it hovers there for a few seconds before it flashes and ascends to the sky at extreme speeds.

The first video shows the UFO and another guy recording it with his cellphone. Hours later the second video (from that guy) was published. Here are both videos synchronized:

It looks almost real until the UFO ascends at high speed, that really looks computer edited, that´s not the way a high speed ascend would look like in a cellphone camera.

Then a third video appears and this one convinced me completely that is a FAKE. This time the “ascending part” looks extremely computer edited and the background city looks like a static photo. Not only that, the reaction and dialogues from the people are completely unconvincing. It seems that they forgot the flash part in the third video…Check it out:

We will categorize this case as FAKE until we found new and convincing evidence.